In the small workshop, which was once a barn, a thin coating of sawdust covers most of the surfaces and machines. This is not a sign of neglect, but quite the contrary a sign of usage.

Since 1972 Johnny Mørch has created guitars, and even though he’s now a retiree it’s hard for him to let go of the tools. “My fingers tickle so awfully if a couple of weeks pass by without me being in the shop,” Johnny Mørch explains with a smile.

The passion for the craft is what drives him. That passion started when he in the 1960’s was in a band and he began fiddling with the guitars to see how they worked. Later on he was a crafting teacher at the local school. Here he and his students made his very first guitar. After that he and his father began producing guitars more seriously, until he could make a living from it without having any other jobs on the side.

Production has now gone from being mostly custom orders, meaning the customer could tailor make their guitar from sketch to sound, to only being service of costumers own guitars or of guitars sold in the past. In spite of that Johnny hasn’t stopped making guitars for his own private showroom just upstairs from the workshop. The retirement has actually made it possible for him to experiment a little more in terms of look and sound. Production still shrinks, but the passion thrives.


This story was made while I was an intern at Randers Amtsavis, February 2020.

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