The heat hits the small beach house in Ebeltoft and its relaxed visitors, who either jam or sunbath, persistently. The soft voice of Bob Marley singing “don’t worry about a thing, ‘cause every little thing is gonna be alright” streams from the wireless speaker, featuring the happy chirping from all the garden’s birds.

The band Lillevangen has combined this weekend’s concerts at respectively Engelsholm Højskole and the music festival Nose Noise with a trip to the beach together with their usual following.

The band is made up from Christian Uhrenholt Bigum who is one of the band’s lead singers Morten Frost Jacobsen, who’s the producer and Hans Gass Sibbesen who’s the other lead singer. With them at the beach house are their drummer Christian Holmgaard Jensen, and their guitarist Kristian Helmer Kjær Larsen. They join them when the band is playing live. Other than the members of the band the two ‘provider aunties’, as they call themselves, Anne Julie Østergaard and Sofie Holm Jacobsen have also joined the get away to the beach house. They are not a part of the band, but join to support, hang out and to waiter upon the others.

Being in their early 20’s they’re all doing something else besides the band, education wise, but they want to spend as much time as possible on this adventure.

The band started out almost by coincidence and as a fun thing to do in their spare time back in February of 2017. Morten and Hans had been fooling around with a new music program for a while and had made a lot of templates for potential hits. But without a vocal no hit. Luckily Hans knew his way around singing and he also knew Christian who soon fell into place along Hans and Morten. The three of them have stuck together ever since and found a sound together.

Morten, Hans and Christian describe Lillevangen’s birthday as being at the end of February 2018 when their debut single “Lyset Blænder” hit the digital shelves. Since then the speed pedal has been slammed to the ground, and they’ve already had several gigs at both Skråen in Aalborg and in lesser known places around North Jutland, released an EP on all streaming services available and spent thousands of hours together – without getting angry with one another that is.

If you ask the three guys how the future looks, the answer is as clear as day from all three of them: Roskilde Festival. With two festivals behind them already that dream might not be that far away. But for now they sing along to Bob Marley’s philosophy of not worrying because everything is going to be all right.


This is an extract of a story I made as a project for school, June 2018

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