Randers Regnskov – Tropical Zoo has more than 100.000 visitors every year, and when you wander around in the breathtaking climate along with all the colourful animals that’s not difficult to understand.

They are close. So close that you can almost touch all the scratches on the turtle’s shell, the softness of the jaguar’s fur and the leathery landscape of the komodo dragon. At Randers Regnskov – Tropical Zoo you can get up close to most of the animals. All of ones senses get their work cut for them as you stand there surrounded by wonderful plants and exotic animals in the tropical climate. It’s hard to tell one’s human curiosity to just look, not touch.


A rheas can’t fly but it can run upwards 60 km/h.

If the white tailed porcupine is threatened it will run backwards into the enemy and stab it.

The grey-winged trumpeter will give out a call that sounds like a trumpet if threatened.

The komodo dragons babies will climb a tree as soon as they are hatched, if they don’t they risk being eaten by the parents.

The jaguar is the third largest species of cat in the world. The black pattern on its fur is called rosettes.

The African Spurred Tortoise is the biggest tortoise living on land it can reach 100 years of age.

The six-banded armadillo is so heavy that it can’t float. If it needs to swim it will fill its lungs and intestines with air.

The morpho Achilles uses the spots on the underside of its wings, which resemble eyes, to confuse the enemy as to where the head is, and to how big the butterfly actually is.

The Chinese water dragon has a third eye on it’s back which can sense light. So if a predator  approaches it from behind it can escape in time.



This story was made while I was an intern at Randers Amtsavis, August 2019, and might become a bigger project some day.

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