This is me


So, you want to write a blog, do you? Well, yes, that is exactly what I want to. But I have next to zero experience and I’m not quite sure how to do this. Just deciding on a name has made me postpone this project for a long time. I don’t know, if the blog should have a name? Does it make sense not to give it one? Right now, it doesn’t have a name. That doesn’t mean I haven’t thought about one.


Adventurous Dane. DanishShutterstories. Diary of a Dane. To name a few. I don’t exactly know why it has to have “Dane” in it. It doesn’t, I guess. But I think I haven’t really cemented a name because I fear it’s too narrow. I want to be able to write about a lot of stuff – photography, photojournalism, nature, the environment and travelling. In all the guides I’ve read it’s stated that picking one or a few focus points is the best to making a good blog which people would want to read. So, I’m already in the wrong here. But not really, because all the topics will have a photojournalistic point of view. It’ll be truthful and documented, it’ll be critical and including. But having “photojournalist” in the name of a blog might not be a very sexy idea either.


So, for now it doesn’t have a name.


This is me in Scotland, 2018. One of the rare times my husband is behind the camera, and actually took a good photo of me.


Alright. This is the first blogpost, so I guess it’s a good place to start with a bit of info about me, why I’m writing this blog and what I hope to achieve.

Writing this I’m a 26-year-old Dane living in Aalborg with my husband (whom I’ve been together with for nine years) and our cat. Soon I’ll be photojournalist and enter the uncertain world of unemployment. So, I thought to myself “what’s the best way to work with all the things that I love; photographing, writing and exploring?”. Sure, I can make money from freelance assignments from newspapers and shoot weddings in the summer. But I just really enjoy writing too, and I love travelling and showing people how beautiful this world is.




That’s why the idea of a blog entered the employment field. Now I don’t know if it’s at all realistic to make money from. But at least I’ll get to write and hopefully entertain a lot of people with my stories and photos. I’ve actually had the idea for a couple of years, but never had the courage to actually do anything about it. Because why would anyone be interested in me and my experiences, thoughts and life? But I can’t shake the idea, so here we go.


This is my blog. This is what I want to do. With a photojournalistic mindset I’ll write about nature, travelling, photographing and hiking and be honest about struggles, victories, the perfect and the imperfect. Naturally the photos will be a big part of it and being a photojournalist the use of photoshop will be limited. The earth is beautiful as it is, there’s no need to change things too much or add/erase things. I mostly use photoshop to enhance the beauty – colours, crop, contrast etc. Maybe I’ll make a blogpost about it someday.


My husband, Mathias, and I in 2017 on our 6th anniversary. And a glimpse into our relatively small apartment.

For this post though, I really lacked photos. Because I’m behind the camera pretty much all the time, and I’m not overly fond selfies, therefor not a lot of pictures exists of me. The few times my husband dares to take photos it’s always kind of 50/50 whether the photos are good or not.


I’ve thought a lot about whether to do this in English or Danish. Danish would probably be easier for me – not that I’m bad at English, but I must admit it’s not as good as the mother tongue. But there’s a whole lot more people who can understand English over Danish. So English won.


Well, I think that’s it for my first thoughts. I hope to have sparked an interest, and that I’m not too all over the place. Maybe it’ll get better with time.

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